NABERS (which stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) provides simple, reliable and comparable sustainability measurements of the Australian built environment. A NABERS rating helps building designers, developers, owners and stakeholders accurately measure, understand and communicate the environmental performance of their buildings, while identifying areas for cost savings and future improvements andĀ  providing a benchmark for progress.
I am proud to work annually with the Australian Government's NABERS initiative to create infographics explaining some key data points from their Sustainable Portfolio Index (SPI) reports.
These infographics are used as part of NABERS' Twitter/X presence.
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In 2021 I was asked to produce a new set of animations to celebrate some key datapoints of the NABERS SPI.
The campaign was to draw upon the popularity of the NABERS Annual Report animations but with a more formal - but still engaging - aspect for our industrial stakeholders.
Read the fullĀ NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index 2021report here.

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